1. Elevate With Real Fashion Design

    Elevate With Real Fashion Design
    Rebel Athletic Couture fashion designer drawing
    Rebel Athletic Couture fashion designer drawing
    Rebel Athletic Couture fashion designer drawing
    Rebel Athletic Couture fashion designer drawing

    Elevate Your Design With Real Fashion Designers


    Rebel’s Designers come from fashion backgrounds.  They’re encouraged to push the limits of their creativity when designing your dream uniform, and sometimes they even add a rebellious twist! Mood boards with collages of recent fashion shows, specialty fabrics, and couture embellishments line the shelves. Mannequins from a recent “Project Runway” style competition wear design challenge creations made with remnants of prototypes. Computer screens display line art for upcoming uniform designs they will debut at Worlds. 

    real fashion designers

    With an established variety of fabrics, crystals, and other design elements that consistently work, they continue to test new fits and fabrications day in and day out. Inspiration comes from both current and timeless fashion trends that skillfully are woven into uniform, practice wear, and retail designs. 

    The expert designers at Rebel Athletic live by the motto, what you see is what you get. This standard sets Rebel’s exquisite designs apart from the rest. You are going to get exactly what you ask for, with no unexpected elements either missing or added on. Gym owners and coaches don’t have to worry that their unique designs will end up with flaws and complications when the uniforms arrive. If our designers say they are capable of making your design into a fully-functional uniform, they will do just that.  

    Utilizing a one-on-one design session can help customers seeking a couture be a huge part of the design process and assist our designers in bringing their visions to life. Rebel’s uniforms look strikingly like the artwork the designers create at the beginning of the process. This ensures the happiness and satisfaction of the customer when they receive the finished piece. 

    Rebel’s designers are way-cool, fashion-forward, trend-setters that aspire to make unique, legendary uniforms that are always remembered in the industry. They have moved mountains in the cheerleading industry, creating countless out-of-the-box looks that have changed the way cheerleading is perceived all together. What will they do next?!

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  2. Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

    Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste: Covid 19, Can/If Thinking and Creating Abundance

    lemons to lemonade

    Hollywood loves disaster movies. In the typical script a massive man-made or natural disaster threatens to wipe out the planet (or our presence on it), until a few brilliant and courageous individuals intervene to save us all.

    In this script, the bigger the crisis, the bigger the hero or solution needs to be.

    Real life has a habit of mimicking the movies, as all Challengers know. In business, it’s an old adage that you should never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Why? Because radically changing times require radically new solutions. Path dependency, the tried and trusted old way of doing things, goes out the window. In the face of unprecedented challenges, minds open, and people, businesses and communities look for Can/If solutions.

    ‘We can’t because…’ has to be replaced with ‘we can, if ..’. Suddenly, we have no other choice.

    As I stood in line at London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday morning, waiting to return to the US last week, I listened as one of my few fellow travelers led a remote conference call with his peers from around the world. The topic? Crisis management and activating something they’d been planning for in the event of a situation like the current pandemic.

    He, and his team, were practicing, in real time, Can/If thinking.

    It’s tempting to argue that the past decade has lulled many of us into a false sense of security. An ever-climbing stock market. Declining unemployment. A slow, but steady, rise in wage growth. Then, suddenly, everything changed.

    Business as usual became anything but. Abundance became scarcity.

    Looking back to the last major global crisis in 2008, I remember thinking that the fallout from the economic catastrophe that Lehman Brothers and Wall Street created would lead to a new golden-age of invention as people had to think differently about thei

    Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. With the benefit of hindsight I don’t think I was too wrong.

    So, what about today? Already we are seeing a few silver linings in these dark and gloomy times.

    - The air above China’s cities during the quarantine in January and February was the cleanest it’d been in decades. Doubtless the drastic reduction in air and ground travel will reap similar dividends in the west, albeit only temporarily

    - In Venice, dolphins, fish and swans have returned to the canals as tourists and the supporting infrastructure like the ubiquitous river taxis, have halted

    - On Facebook we see numerous examples of families actually spending time together and reconnecting with board games, puzzles, painting and family dinner 

    What about business? This is exactly the topic that the Rebel Athletic team discussed on Monday. How to shift ‘we can’t because’ to ‘we can if’, and how to help our customers reimagine the next few months, and think in terms of abundance, not scarcity.

    myth vs fact
    the rebel challenge

    Start Designing Your Future With Rebel

    Schedule your LIVE design session with one of Rebel's real fashion designers today!

    Many businesses have programs, products, services or ideas just waiting for the right timing to be unleashed on the world. What has your business developed that is ideal for these virtual times? How can you get a leap on your competitors with a well-timed innovation or announcement?

    More generally, here are a few strategies we’ve been sharing with our clients in order to keep the economic engine turning: 

    - We can think of the lack of commuting as newly found innovation time. Imagine how America and the world would grow if every worker invested their 2-hours commute time per day in reading, learning, idea generation or brainstorming

    - We can replace endless meetings with some White Space time – time to ponder, think and let our minds exercise their creative side

    - We can think the lack of travel as an opportunity to invest in video conferencing facilities and increase face time, not decrease it

    - We can reinforce the company culture by leading from the front, hosting virtual Town Halls or FB Live sessions and demonstrate our empathy with smart, humane policies that will ensure loyalty amongst staff and customers for years to come

    - We can think of our lack of yoga, soul cycle or CrossFit time as an opportunity to exercise outdoors and reconnect with nature and our local communities (at a 6 foot distance, of course)

    Fortunately, we’re not facing a 200 foot Tsunami, Geostorm or Pompeii sized volcano. We’re not even remotely close to the Pandemic movie scenario. But, it’s not business as usual either by a long shot.

    How we as individuals, businesses, communities and countries rally, and use this time as a springboard for innovation, is up to us. If ever there was a time for Can/If thinking, it’s now. Necessity can be the mother of invention, so let’s all think of ourselves as the heroes, not the victims in this particular movie plot. Let’s drive life forward, not backward, and create an abundance of new ideas, new practices and new opportunities.

    Let’s seize the day my friends, and ensure that we don’t let this particular crisis go to waste.


    Julian is a passionate advocate of the power of thinking and acting like a Challenger. Over the past decade he’s been working with companies to help them uncover, define and enact their Challenger DNA and story – from start-ups like Rebel Athletic and the All Clear Foundation to major corporations like Charles Schwab, Visa and Global Medical Response. You can view his blog here:

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  3. Using Your “Why” to Tackle the End-of-Season Push

    Using Your “Why” to Tackle the End-of-Season Push

    By Kayla Sasser, Account Manager – School Division (Southeast Georgia)

    Here it is – February – and we know how you’re feeling. We’re feeling it, too! Uniform account managers are starting their end-of-season practice wear push, production is kicking back in gear, judges are wearing down and tired of airports, kids are bored with repetition, parents are tired of paying, and coaches are taking the brunt of it all. Coaching is often endless, thankless and fruitless.

    You are the heroes of this industry, and we applaud you for your hard work and dedication to making kids better. If no one has thanked you lately, we at Rebel are SO genuinely grateful for your servant’s heart!

    Finding Your Why

    You’ve probably heard of Simon Sinek but if you haven’t, let me be the first to introduce you. An innovative, forward thinker, Mr. Sinek has helped people from all industries discover an inside-out approach to leadership and success. He starts with what – simply, what do you do? Secondly, he discusses your processes and how you get things done. And lastly but certainly most importantly, he challenges professionals to discover their why. He explains that finding your why helps you excel in your craft, maintain mental health, and remain passionate when things get tough. Great leaders know their why, and although systems and processes change, your why remains the same.

    Your why is intrinsic.

    Your why is passionate.

    Your why is victorious even when your what and how fail.

    the golden circle

    Why do you coach?

    Coaching is hard. Anyone that’s ever given it an honest shot knows just how difficult coaching can be. Sit in a room filled with coaches and you’ll hear story after story about the growing difficulties with each changing generation. Kids change, parents change, rules change, and culture changes. I’m thankful I wasn’t raised in the Snapchat generation, and I’m often saddened by the pressures these kids feel. There’s really no room to be yourself any longer; we can endlessly scroll through filters that blur the lines between reality stars and reality. This great big world is filled with natural beauty, but a 5.5” screen has been given all the authority to dictate self-worth.

    People are conditioned to find motivation and inspiration from the things around them, and they often forget just how impressively influential the internal self can be.

    But, my friend, your intrinsic motivation holds more power than social media influencers – it’s your why, and your why is a treasure and your greatest asset. It’s unfiltered, raw, and genuine. It is the keeper of your passion, and although it is often silenced by a noisy world, it can resurface when you need it most.

    This time of year…

    This time of year makes a lot of people in our industry question their why, and maybe that’s rightfully so. What’s most heartbreaking, though, is when young people start to question theirs. Whether this is your full-time career or you coach on the side, you’ve made the choice to play a major influential role in the lives of children, teens and tweens; exploring your why may be the one thing that gets you through the rest of the season without ruining the experience for the kids you coach. Frustrations with judges, parents, other coaches, and opponents (among 10,000 other things), can often pour out onto undeserving kids looking for your approval.

    Staying true to a current theme but hopefully not superfluous, Coach Monica Aldama from the Cheer docuseries is a wonderful example of why. An aspiring business leader, Monica chose to stay in Corsicana, TX to build ‘the best cheerleading program in the nation,’ and she did. Her goals changed when she began to impact the lives of college students from all different backgrounds. Her why is bigger than money. Her why is bigger than her original career plans.  

    And, her why earned her the right to accurately represent our industry in front of the world – finally, the audience we’ve been trying to educate our entire career is now captive.

    Monica’s why showed us all what passion and perseverance can do, and I challenge you to find your why and never give up on it.

    Why cheerleading?

    I had this conversation with a non-cheer person recently…civilians, I like to call them. She asked, “why have you chosen to forego a career using your master’s degree and work in cheerleading all these years?”

    Here’s what I said:

    Cheerleading and I have a love-hate relationship. It’s like my closest friend. I’ve seen it impact kids in a way you’d never understand. It teaches them teamwork and trust. They’re disciplined and competitive. They’re athletic and glamorous. They can be who they want to be; there’s no other sport as inclusive as cheer. I’ve watched cheer save lives, rescue brokenness, and uplift heavy hearts. Cheer has written many, many paychecks. It’s provided careers for people that feared the world would never accept them. It teaches hard lessons, but it embraces failure with a gentle spirit. You’re a great team? There’s a place for you. You’re a novice team coached by a willing but clueless sponsor? There’s a place for you. Cheerleading makes me laugh, and it makes me cry. It makes me happy, and it makes me beam with pride. It aggravates me, but it comforts me.

    Cheerleading is a sport, and it’s my sport. It’s a big part of who I am, and I’m thankful for that.

    So, remember your why.

    As the 2019-2020 season starts to heat up then abruptly comes to an end, write out your why and stick it everywhere you look. Put it in your phone, on your bathroom mirror, in your car, and on the refrigerator door. Keep it near and dear to your heart because it is powerful. In Simon Sinek business terms, processes may be out of line (how), and your product/team may not be what you hoped it would be (what), but your why is unwavering.

    Love your athletes and give them your very best. Instill a strong sense of why, and you’ll be investing in their future long after they’ve left your team.

    Finish strong, Coach! You are a hero, and you’re a major part of why Rebel strives to give the very best we can to the industry we love so much!

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  4. Navarro Cheer Wins 14th National Title Wearing Rebel Athletic

    Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms

    Navarro Cheer & Rebel Athletic

    Navarro Cheer has quickly become world famous for their athleticism, grit, passion, and most of all, pure love of cheerleading. The entire Navarro Cheer team, along with their incredibly dedicated coaches have stolen the hearts of people all over the world. Yes, even those who have never cheered a day in their life. Navarro athletes represent the Rebel Mark each time they take the sidelines or mat, on their uniforms and footwear. Rebel Athletic proudly outfits this very special program that athletes and coaches worldwide turn to for inspiration.

    Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms
    Gabi Butler in Navarro Cheer uniform

    What makes Navarro so special?

    If you’ve watched the hit Netflix docu-series, Cheer, you already know the answer. Though they call the small town in Texas, Corsicana home, the Navarro cheer program is what makes their college experience feel more like home than anything they’ve ever experienced. Cheer gives viewers the life story of many of the athletes, showing the hardships they have overcome leading up to their time in college. Head coach Monica Aldama positive impact on many of her “kids” shines through in the series. She would fight tooth and nail for any of the athletes who come through the Navarro Cheer program, which allows her athletes to trust her with their lives.

    Monica Aldama Navarro Cheer head coach

    Hard Work Beats Talent

    Navarro cheer practices may seem pretty cut-throat to someone who isn’t familiar with present-day cheerleading. In reality, cheerleaders who watch the show find it totally relatable. Practices are often grueling, exhausting, and painful, but what people now understand, is that cheerleading is a sport where athletes thrive under pressure and find a thrill in overcoming obstacles.

    Dress to Impress

    Navarro is a cherished part of the Rebel Athletic Family. Their athletes choose to practice and compete in our Rebel Ruthless or Revolt shoes. Rebel shoes help them to seamlessly nail their skills, comfortably and securely. Ruthless and Revolt are supportive, while bending and moving with the athlete’s foot. They fit like a glove that feels natural on the foot even during the long hours of competition days and practices.

    See what Morgan told New York Magazine about Rebel footwear here.

    Not only do the Navarro athletes choose to wear Rebel footwear, Monica and her assistant coaches dress their team in Rebel uniforms on the sidelines and for Daytona Nationals, the most important event of the year for them. They compete in 5 different uniforms, all #RebelCouture looks designed just for them, that the team feels comfortable and confident wearing. There is nothing like lacing up your cheer shoes and walking out the door in head to toe Rebel, ready to compete in your sport in front of crowds of thousands. Though their skills are the real jaw-dropper, adding the Rebel Mark is the icing on the cake that ensures they stand out and look as amazing as they truly are. 

    Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms
    Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms
    Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms


    Now that you’ve heard it from us, go ahead and binge-watch Cheer if you haven’t already. Be on the look-out for Rebel Athletic President, Karen Noseff Aldridge and other Rebel Athletic staff throughout the show. You’ll see the stunning Rebel Couture uniforms and shoes worn by athletes in each episode. Rebel is proud to outfit some of the best in the industry and will continue to set trends and stay ahead of the game as cheerleading continues to evolve. Finally, if you missed Navarro Cheer on the Ellen show, wearing head to toe Rebel Athletic, watch their segment on Ellen Tube now. 

    navarro cheer wearing Rebel Athletic
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  5. How to Clean Your All-Star Cheer Uniform

    How to Clean Your Uniform

    Maintaining Even the Most Intricate Uniforms

    Do you have an insanely beautiful Rebel Athletic uniform, but you’re not sure how to wash it without damaging it? Follow the steps in this article, as well as the care instructions provided to keep your uniform smelling as good as it looks, with tips straight from our uniform experts. 

    When laundering your Rebel uniform, you should always turn it inside out, especially if it is full of crystals. Not turning it inside out will cause it to rub against the washing machine and other items, which increases the chance of the crystals being damaged, loosened, or knocked off. If you have a lingerie bag, consider washing your uniform inside of it for extra protection.

    You should always air-dry your uniform to avoid damage from the dryer. Keep in mind, you should never store the uniform damp or wet; make sure it is fully dry before tucking it away in a closet or drawer. Wrap in a paper (not plastic) bag if necessary. 

    To quickly remove deodorant marks from your uniform, use a makeup wipe, or rub the fabric against itself or another fabric and watch it disappear. Other stains from lipstick, blood, or heavily soiled areas can be pre-treated with detergent and apple cider vinegar before they are washed. A normal washing cycle may not be enough to remove harsh stains. “As a mom, when my daughter cheered, I used Clean and Clear Eco Friendly Detergent. Most of the time I used cold water, however, if there were heavier stains, I pretreated the area and used warm water,” said Cynthia Diggs, Rebel Athletic Production Coordinator. 

    Don’t be afraid to wash your #RebelLevel uniform. Each piece is made to last, with true luxury construction. Just make sure you follow the care instructions that come attached to every uniform. We hope these tips help anyone who may be nervous to wash their uniform!


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