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  1. How to Clean Your All-Star Cheer Uniform

    How to Clean Your Uniform

    Maintaining Even the Most Intricate Uniforms

    Do you have an insanely beautiful Rebel Athletic uniform, but you’re not sure how to wash it without damaging it? Follow the steps in this article, as well as the care instructions provided to keep your uniform smelling as good as it looks, with tips straight from our uniform experts. 

    When laundering your Rebel uniform, you should always turn it inside out, especially if it is full of crystals. Not turning it inside out will cause it to rub against the washing machine and other items, which increases the chance of the crystals being damaged, loosened, or knocked off. If you have a lingerie bag, consider washing your uniform inside of it for extra protection.


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  2. Top Sideline Cheer Trends for 2020

    Rebel Athletic Doesn’t Follow the Trends. We Set Them.

    Cheer Uniform trends are evolving in schools for the 2019-2020 season. Many school cheer programs are adding layers of creativity to the traditional sideline look by incorporating various styles and fabrics into their uniforms. “We have lots of clients that LOVE that traditional sideline look, and we can provide that look easily without ever having to worry about two schools looking the same because, we have so many options and designs that choices are almost limitless!,” said Shawn Montiero, Rebel Athletic National Sales Manager. 


    Gradient Fade

    Schools are embracing the endless options we provide, including, a dye-sublimated gradient fade on the traditional poly uniform, which gives the uniform an ombre effect. This look is a cutting-edge w

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