Rebel Athletic Doesn’t Follow the Trends. We Set Them.

Cheer Uniform trends are evolving in schools for the 2019-2020 season. Many school cheer programs are adding layers of creativity to the traditional sideline look by incorporating various styles and fabrics into their uniforms. “We have lots of clients that LOVE that traditional sideline look, and we can provide that look easily without ever having to worry about two schools looking the same because, we have so many options and designs that choices are almost limitless!,” said Shawn Montiero, Rebel Athletic National Sales Manager. 


Gradient Fade

Schools are embracing the endless options we provide, including, a dye-sublimated gradient fade on the traditional poly uniform, which gives the uniform an ombre effect. This look is a cutting-edge way to set a team apart from the rest. We are also doing this gradient fade on the front logo, which is a bit more subtle, but still stands out amongst other uniforms with solid front logos. 


Kicking It Old School

School are beginning to re-create old school uniform designs, but with our modern flare. These include pleated or fly-away skirts, which look so fun and flouncy out there on the sidelines. Rebel is nailing bringing back these old-school styles that look more adorable, sleek, and eye-catching than ever! 


Creative Use of Logos

Schools are starting to break the mold from the “normal” placement of their logo, which would typically be the skirt bottom or uniform back. Now, we have options to sublimate the logo on to the uniform straps, or use the mascot as a repeat pattern on a section of the uniform to take the look to another level. We are constantly thinking of new, creative ways to incorporate school mascots into our sideline uniforms. 


Elements of Sparkle

School cheer uniforms are now more sparkly than ever. We have endless ways to add some shine to your design. Teams are loving our spangle option, which provide the look of crystals by using flat, sequin-like embellishments. We also add sparkle by using some of our specialty fabrics on segments of uniforms. Using a mystic fabric creates a stand-out aspect that looks gorgeous under the sun or stadium lights. Of course, we can add crystals as well! 

Keelee & Asia

Competition Uniforms

For our school teams that also compete, we step up our options each year and continuously refresh ourselves with new, innovative styles. Competition teams are incorporating some all-star cheerleading trends into their designs, including, capris as the bottom options, uniforms with knee-high socks, ruffles on the skirt or shorts, and using colored crystals.  We can keep your teams outfitted for the sidelines, the court, the rink or the competition floor. With a full house of talented and educated fashion designers, we have everything you need to get the perfect, on-trend look for your team!

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