1. How to Clean Your All-Star Cheer Uniform

    How to Clean Your Uniform

    Maintaining Even the Most Intricate Uniforms

    Do you have an insanely beautiful Rebel Athletic uniform, but you’re not sure how to wash it without damaging it? Follow the steps in this article, as well as the care instructions provided to keep your uniform smelling as good as it looks, with tips straight from our uniform experts. 

    When laundering your Rebel uniform, you should always turn it inside out, especially if it is full of crystals. Not turning it inside out will cause it to rub against the washing machine and other items, which increases the chance of the crystals being damaged, loosened, or knocked off. If you have a lingerie bag, consider washing your uniform inside of it for extra protection.


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  2. Top Sideline Cheer Trends for 2020

    Rebel Athletic Doesn’t Follow the Trends. We Set Them.

    Cheer Uniform trends are evolving in schools for the 2019-2020 season. Many school cheer programs are adding layers of creativity to the traditional sideline look by incorporating various styles and fabrics into their uniforms. “We have lots of clients that LOVE that traditional sideline look, and we can provide that look easily without ever having to worry about two schools looking the same because, we have so many options and designs that choices are almost limitless!,” said Shawn Montiero, Rebel Athletic National Sales Manager. 


    Gradient Fade

    Schools are embracing the endless options we provide, including, a dye-sublimated gradient fade on the traditional poly uniform, which gives the uniform an ombre effect. This look is a cutting-edge w

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  3. This apparel company has an app to end the pain of sizing clothing

    Original Story posted by Dallas Business Journal
    By Anne Stych   –  Contributing Writer, 
    Aug 15, 2019, 7:51am CDT Updated Aug 26, 2019, 1:49pm EDT
    Rebel Athletic is the winner in the Technology Adopter category for the 2019 Tech Titan awards. Category winners will be announced at an awards event on Friday, Aug. 23. For more information about the awards event, click here.

    Rebel Athletic is revolutionizing the dance and cheerleading apparel industry with Fit Freedom, a body measurement platform powered by augmented reality and machine learning.

    The technology is designed to rid the apparel industry of its biggest nightmare: size-related returns. 

    Fit Freedom turns a smartphone into a virtual tailor that provides precision sizing, converting the consumer’s body measurements into a 3D “fit” model that can determine accurate sizing down to the half inch.

    Sales representatives then crosscheck the customer's preferences and measurements with the retailer’s available sizing charts to find the optimal fit. 

    “With the development of Fit Freedom, our sales representatives can now deliver accurate and custom sizing, instantly,” said CEO Karen Aldredge.

    The company has implemented the technology enterprise-wide, arming 42 sales representatives across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada with the app, which has saved Rebel Athletic more than $200,000 in sizing expenses.

    During beta testing, Fit Freedom’s proprietary machine learning algorithms synthesized scans from thousands of competitive athletes nationwide, including the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Cheer Athletics, the nation’s largest All-Star cheerleading facility. The teams reported a 99 percent fit accuracy rate.

    The technology is a joint development venture between athletic clothier Rebel Athletic and Addison-based digital transformation company SevenTablets.

    Here are Aldridge’s answers to Business Journal's questions about tech in DFW:
    What’s an example of technology that people don’t use any more yet we take its replacement for granted?

    Having Google Maps on your phone. Younger people don't understand how easy it is to have it on your phone and have a voice telling you where to go. Back in the day, we had to use dial-up internet and Mapquest and print out the directions then try to read the piece of paper while we were driving.
    What is something that other technology-focused cities have but North Texas is missing?

    I spend half of my time in San Francisco, and I've noticed that the tech community there spends no time on their wardrobe. They all wear black and all look like Steve Jobs walking around. So that might work here, too.
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  4. Meet the All-girl Gym Making a BIG Name in the Allstar Industry

    River City Allstars

    Meet River City Allstars: A small gym with a huge passion for allstar cheer. RCA is a tight-knit gym of all girls. Yes, all the athletes and coaches are women and girls working together to achieve the same goals. Four sisters with their own unique, bold personalities came together to bring RCA to life. The gym now has nine teams equaling around 125 athletes of all ages and levels who dedicate tremendous time and effort into improving as individuals and a team.

    Lindsay, Caitlin, Chelsey, and Kari founded the gym with one clear motive—to give girls in their small town a place to come that they will always feel accepted and welcome. RCA is a very diverse gym, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

    “We pride ourselves in having a place that accepts everyone as family,” said Lindsay. 

    River City Allstars allows girls

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    Rebel Athletic has released an entirely new way to shop for Allstar Cheer Uniforms through an online, mobile friendly, uniform collection available in five popular color combinations.

    Rebel Athletic continues to offer features that are modern and up to date with current shopping trends. The mobile experience is friendly and easier than trying to flip through an entire lookbook online. Simultaneously, this new feature allows the customer to browse and scroll as they would on any other online shop.

     “We wanted to create a way for people to browse our uniform designs intuitively, the way we are accustomed to scrolling when shopping online,” said Abby Hoeffner, VP of Marketing. “By adding the option to shop by color combination, we've removed the struggle of trying to visualize different designs in a team's specific colors.”

    Rebel finds that their customer base responds positively to examples of Rebel uniforms already designed in their programs’ colors and tend to naturally choose uniform templates based on the color they see it in a Rebel lookbook. The popular colorways include: purple and violet, green and teal, blue and black, red and royal, black and gold, as well as a color inspiration section. 

    “As a coach, you want to ensure your athletes are performing at their peak level in every aspect you can. Feeling good and looking good does affect an athlete’s attitude and confidence. When designing your uniform, color choice can become a bit overwhelming,” said Gordon Steinecke.

    Steinecke is the VP of Design at Rebel and notes that their fashion designers are pros who know color-blocking, what looks good, and where to put each color for the most visual impact.

    “This is what we do day in and day out. Our designers personalize each template to give coaches the best choices available in their team’s colors. Coaches using our new color changing lookbook will now be more confident in choosing a design template they love and know that it will look amazing. This new feature is that easy!”

    Rebel has made it easy to save favorites by clicking the wishlist heart. Users can share their favorites with other coaches and decision makers before they begin the design process with a Rebel designer. Your new design is now one click away and will leave you inspired, confident, and ready to begin your official Rebel artwork.

    Visit to create your account, view the collection in various color ways, pick your favorites, and share your wish list with others.


    About Rebel Athletic
    Rebel Athletic is the original, and fastest growing, global luxury couture cheer and dance uniform, apparel and accessory company. Rebel offers the most highly customized and intricately detailed garments available in the industry. For more information visit


    Media Contact
    Abby Hoeffner, Vice President of Marketing


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    Rebel Athletic is fighting a spangled, appliqued, fashion-forward guerrilla war against an industry giant.

    Rebel in Inc Magazine

    The audience at Cheerleading Worlds 2013 expected pyrotechnics from the Cheer Athletics Panthers. Lithe and powerful as their mascot, the team of 36 teenage girls took the stage at Walt Disney World Resort and proceeded to show gravity who was boss. As gasp-inducing as their handsprings and back tucks were their uniforms: micro-crystal-drenched mesh with a muscular feline appliqué draped chest to hip. The effect was radical, as though Bob Mackie had been appointed wardrobe master at your local high school.

    Karen Noseff Aldridge, founder of uniform company Rebel Athletic, had risked her startup's entire $10,000 marketing budget to establish her brand at the event, the cheerleading calendar's big kahuna. "Overnight, everybody knew who we were," says Noseff Aldridge. "Following the reveal of that uniform at Worlds, we took in over $600,000 in 72 hours."

    The roughly $300 million market for cheerleader apparel is dominated by traditional sideline squads that rally crowds at high school and college games. A smaller but bigger-spending segment is All-Star--teams, like the Panthers, that live to compete. All-Star cheerleaders buy their uniforms from the specialized gyms where they train. Gym owners buy uniforms from manufacturers and sometimes act as their sales reps. As in Olympic figure skating, aesthetics matter in All-Star, where uniforms are sexier and flashier than their school counterparts.

    Rebel in Inc Magazine
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    Committing to a new uniform can be scary. That's why you'll hold your future Rebel uniform in your hands BEFORE you decide if you want to order it.

    That's right. Our designers will create the Rebel uniform of your dreams that we will then prototype and ship to you. For FREE. See the detail and feel the quality of not just any uniform… but YOUR uniform before you decide to order. Whether you’re a small team, small gym or big gym, everyone gets this #RebelLevel service.

    Enjoy risk free decision making with our 100% risk free prototype program.

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    Minis, Tweens and in Between

    Rebel Athletic Tech Coordinator, Joanna Boucher, Explains the Science Behind Rebel’s Superior Youth Fit

    Children have different fit needs than teens and adults. As any parent can attest, their bodies grow at different rates and proportions. Because of this, our youth sizes are not scaled-scaled down from adult patterns, but redesigned specifically for children’s bodies.

    Modern, Luxury Fabrics

    AthleticFlex™ and Silhouette Stretch Poly™, the two proprietary fabrics we use in the creation of our uniforms, are among the greatest assets of our youth fabrications. Together, these soft, comfortable fabrics provide great longevity and durability, without the scratchy feeling of the school uniforms of the past! Their natural four-way-stretch fits close to the body for ease of movement and a flattering line, but allows room for growth and breathability. 


    I was a fussy kid when it came to how clothes felt, so when I test new styles I’m always considerate of the sensory needs of children. Rebel tests all new styles on live models; I ask them to tell me how it feels, and whether it’s easy to pull on and off – especially for tops and anything that goes over their heads. Children also have different shapes than adults, so we ensure that our styles fit to cover their bodies when they’re tumbling, stunting and spiriting. 

    Scaled Sizing

    Our Rebel youth line is unique because of how small the jumps are between sizes, meaning we can fit more kids into uniforms that are as close to their size as possible – while allowing room for growth. The AthleticFlex™ backs – standard on every school uniform – also provide greater fit options with their flexibility and comfort.

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    Rebel Level Giving

    What is Rebel Level Giving?

    An easy to use, free customizable crowdfunding website designed to help athletes participating in school, rec or allstar programs raise money towards the purchase of their cheerleading uniforms. 

    How Do We Raise Money?

    Just like, and this is a simple crowdfunding concept, easily shared by email, text or social media to friends and family of the cheerleader.  What makes it special, is it was designed exclusively for Rebel Athletic customers. It’s customizable for each team to share a unique mission or message AND provides a coupon offer or gift back to every supporter!Every donation is tracked and all money is paid directly to Rebel Athletic and applied clearly to your final invoice

    What is the Reward for a Supporter?

    Every supporter that donates $15 or more will receive a 1-year membership to Registration instructions and unique membership codes are emailed to supporters as a part of their donation receipt. Upon activation, supporters will enjoy great discounts on local and national merchants including restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, concerts, and hundreds of retailers, and deals are available nationwide.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Contact your Rebel Athletic account manager and tell them you’re ready to sign up for powered by Bloom. Bloom will provide set up help and be there to maximize your campaign efforts every step of the way!

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