How to Clean Your Uniform

Maintaining Even the Most Intricate Uniforms

Do you have an insanely beautiful Rebel Athletic uniform, but you’re not sure how to wash it without damaging it? Follow the steps in this article, as well as the care instructions provided to keep your uniform smelling as good as it looks, with tips straight from our uniform experts. 

When laundering your Rebel uniform, you should always turn it inside out, especially if it is full of crystals. Not turning it inside out will cause it to rub against the washing machine and other items, which increases the chance of the crystals being damaged, loosened, or knocked off. If you have a lingerie bag, consider washing your uniform inside of it for extra protection.

You should always air-dry your uniform to avoid damage from the dryer. Keep in mind, you should never store the uniform damp or wet; make sure it is fully dry before tucking it away in a closet or drawer. Wrap in a paper (not plastic) bag if necessary. 

To quickly remove deodorant marks from your uniform, use a makeup wipe, or rub the fabric against itself or another fabric and watch it disappear. Other stains from lipstick, blood, or heavily soiled areas can be pre-treated with detergent and apple cider vinegar before they are washed. A normal washing cycle may not be enough to remove harsh stains. “As a mom, when my daughter cheered, I used Clean and Clear Eco Friendly Detergent. Most of the time I used cold water, however, if there were heavier stains, I pretreated the area and used warm water,” said Cynthia Diggs, Rebel Athletic Production Coordinator. 

Don’t be afraid to wash your #RebelLevel uniform. Each piece is made to last, with true luxury construction. Just make sure you follow the care instructions that come attached to every uniform. We hope these tips help anyone who may be nervous to wash their uniform!