Minis, Tweens and in Between

Rebel Athletic Tech Coordinator, Joanna Boucher, Explains the Science Behind Rebel’s Superior Youth Fit

Children have different fit needs than teens and adults. As any parent can attest, their bodies grow at different rates and proportions. Because of this, our youth sizes are not scaled-scaled down from adult patterns, but redesigned specifically for children’s bodies.

Modern, Luxury Fabrics

AthleticFlex™ and Silhouette Stretch Poly™, the two proprietary fabrics we use in the creation of our uniforms, are among the greatest assets of our youth fabrications. Together, these soft, comfortable fabrics provide great longevity and durability, without the scratchy feeling of the school uniforms of the past! Their natural four-way-stretch fits close to the body for ease of movement and a flattering line, but allows room for growth and breathability. 


I was a fussy kid when it came to how clothes felt, so when I test new styles I’m always considerate of the sensory needs of children. Rebel tests all new styles on live models; I ask them to tell me how it feels, and whether it’s easy to pull on and off – especially for tops and anything that goes over their heads. Children also have different shapes than adults, so we ensure that our styles fit to cover their bodies when they’re tumbling, stunting and spiriting. 

Scaled Sizing

Our Rebel youth line is unique because of how small the jumps are between sizes, meaning we can fit more kids into uniforms that are as close to their size as possible – while allowing room for growth. The AthleticFlex™ backs – standard on every school uniform – also provide greater fit options with their flexibility and comfort.