Rebel Level Giving - The Easiest Fundraiser You'll Ever Do

Rebel Level Giving

What is Rebel Level Giving?

An easy to use, free customizable crowdfunding website designed to help athletes participating in school, rec or allstar programs raise money towards the purchase of their cheerleading uniforms. 

How Do We Raise Money?

This is a simple crowdfunding concept, easily shared by email, text or social media to friends and family of the cheerleader. What makes it special, is it was designed exclusively for Rebel Athletic customers. It’s customizable for each team to share a unique mission or message AND provides a coupon offer or gift back to every supporter! Every donation is tracked and all money is paid directly to Rebel Athletic and applied clearly to your final invoice.

What is the Reward for a Supporter?

Every supporter that donates $15 or more will receive a 1-year membership to Registration instructions and unique membership codes are emailed to supporters as a part of their donation receipt. Upon activation, supporters will enjoy great discounts on local and national merchants including restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, concerts, and hundreds of retailers, and deals are available nationwide.

Rebel Level Giving Prize

Ready to Get Started?

Contact your Rebel Athletic account manager and tell them you’re ready to sign up for