Our Rebel Purple Label Collection consists of designs you can use to build a unique custom uniform for your program.

Choose your fabrics, colors and crystal placement and discover a personalized design all your own! Add crystals, sublimated panels,mystique accents, mesh cutouts... you’ll be amazed by our pricing — the more intricate the uniform becomes, the more cost competitive it gets. 

And now you can view our Purple Label Collection in FIVE popular color combinations in addition to our original color inspirations!

handcrafted luxury cheer uniforms

Every year Rebel challenges its fashion designers to break the preconceived boundaries of all star uniform possibilities. We do this to provoke creativity and to show what CAN be done. So when you see a zany, pop art-inspired uniform completely covered in crystal, you’ll know that when we say, “If you can dream it, we can design it and bring it to life,” we mean it. 

designers push the limits
rebel in paris

We don’t throw around the word couture lightly. French for “high dressmaking” it literally means the design and manufacture of exclusive, fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements. That means that when you commission a custom uniform from us it’s yours alone. Not only the very first of its kind, but also a completely original work of art. Are you ready to experience Rebel Luxury Couture™? 

rebel in london

Have you been craving a little more pizzaz, a little more sass, a little more sparkle? So have we, that's why we've added the NEW High Sparkle Designs to the Purple Label Collection. With 40% more crystals than before, your team will be hypnotizing their audience from every angle. 

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